About the Title…

Forgive me if I’m being cliche – yes, the dragon here refers to something about China.  Specifically the cybersphere in China.  It’s powerful, mighty, and full of mischievous funs, yet its strength is seriously limited.  It’s restrained, by one of the most notorious and paternalistic censorship in the world. Yet the dragon is recalcitrant, and it never gives up on fighting and finding its way out.  And that comes the charm of China’s internet.  You never lose the tension and excitement watching this two forces making their moves and combating each other.  This blog is intended to record the fun happenings along the battles.

But why wonderland?  Well, the wonderland to me refers to China.  Forgive me again that I could not settle for a better word to describe my feeling towards the country. China is a wonderland, because of its energy, adventure, and miracles, and its strange figures, extravagant endeavors and bizarre rules.  And to quote a saying about China popular among expats who are living there: its a land where nothing is permissible, yet everything is possible.

The stories of the recalcitrant dragon are set against the backdrop of this wonderland.   I welcome you to join my explorations.


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